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Preservation Documents

Conservation and Preservation Policies, Codes of Ethics, and Guidelines

Organ Historical Society Guidelines for Conservation (rev. 2008). These recent guidelines were informed by a study of the following important preservation documents from North America and abroad.

Topical Index of Selected Documents - rev. 8-5-2007 JRW  (PDF)
This ninety-page study document was prepared for the Conservation Guidelines Revision Committee of the Organ Historical Socitey during preparation of their 2008 conservation guidelines revision. It collates language from selected perservation documents on 45 subtopics.

American Association of Museums  Code of Ethics

American Institute for Conservation (AIC)  Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice

Organ Historical Trust of Australia (OHTA) Guidelines NSW Heritage Pipe Organ Conservation and Maintenance Guide

Burra Charter  The Australia ICOMOS charter for the conservation of places of cultural significance

Canadian Association for Conservation 2000 (CAC) (PDF) Code of Ethics and Guidance for Practice

CIMCIM Recommendations - Bibliography (1993) (Web Link) Recommendations for the Conservation of Musical Instruments: An Annotated Bibliography

European Confederation Professional Guidelines Promoted by the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisations and adopted by its General Assembly Brussels 1 March 2002

Göteborg Resolution (MSWord)  European Organ Symposium, Göteborg, 2001 (EOS-2001)   A follow-up conference of the Varazdin Congress (September 2000) approved this text.

ICOM Conservation COE The Conservator-Restorer: a Definition of the Profession

The Institution of Conservation - ICON (UK) Professional Guidelines and Code of Ethics

Italian Organ Guidelines (1998) (in Italian)

Nara Document on Authenticity An important reconsideration of "authenticity" in world heritage from a Japaneese perspective.

New Orleans Charter  New Orleans Charter for Joint Preservation of Historic Structures and Artifacts

Principles of Preservation - Petzet (pdf) A summary of the major themes in cultural heritage preservation.

Resolution Varazdin 2000 (MSWord)  Representatives of the organ world, the church and political life from all sections of Europe met in Varazdin in 2000 to consider the safeguarding and the permanent protection of the European organ heritage. Their congress was under the topic: "The organ as European cultural artefact" The participants of the congress have adopted the following resolution. 

Weilheimer Regulativ (MSWord - in German) Regulations for the Protection of Historic Organs with a report regarding the Organ Conservation Conference at Weilheim/Teck from April  23rd –27th, 1957

The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring and Reconstructing Historic Buildings  (WWW link)

The Care of Historic Musical Instruments  by Robert L. Barclay. Complete book text
Chapter on Ethics and the Use of Instruments

Ethical Issues in Conservation (Web-based links) A collection of web resources on this broad subject.

A Selected Bibliography on Conservation, Restoration and Documentation Relating to the Pipe Organ by Michael Friesen, published in the American Organist, August, 2009

ICOMOS Charters and other Standards (Collection of Internet links)

Getty Resources Cultural Heritage Policy Documents (links) A list of charters, conventions, and recommendations represent the chronological development of cultural policy over the last 95 years. Documents in the list are international, regional and/or national in their scope. Though not a comprehensive list of all national cultural policies and legislation, these documents identify key issues and represent key policies in the development of contemporary thinking about the conservation of cultural property. Each document is abstracted, and on the abstract page there is a link to the full text document when available.